Sunday, 10 April 2016

Anzac Essay

Air gets thicker as she walks through the mist builds soaring like an eagle men are falling to the ground guns are shattering bombs are tearing the air apart. But this is only the start of Nancy Wake's great adventure.

Nancy Wake was born in New Zealand 30th of August 1912. When she was 2 she and her family moved on to Australia. She died on the 7th August 2011 she had no kids. She had 5 siblings and she was the youngest.

Nancy Wake played a part in the war as a spy.  `Her biggest part of the war was when she parachuted into the …. Base and took out a lot of men. After that event in the war she earned the name of White Mouse from the Nazi’s. She also made lots of journeys taking escapers towards the premises.

In November 1942 Wehrmacht troops occupied the southern part of France after the Allies attacked Nancy helped in this. She was also on a raid that destroyed the Gestapo’s headquarters in Montlucon. Nancy Wake is a war hero she would have saved thousands of lives. Not only civilians but also soldiers.

Nancy Wake is a big inspiration to a lot of people  she never gave up and she stayed strong all the time and that is only two reasons why I find her inspiring. On ANZAC day she is going to be the first person I will remember.

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